Today, we are updating our pricing plans and making Tugboat even more accessible to teams.

We love hearing your stories how Tugboat is providing the self-service dev and staging infrastructure you’ve been waiting for. Others tell us they use Tugboat as a way to make their dev work visual and shareable with their non-developer teammates. Whatever the reason is, we’re genuinely grateful for your support and allowing us to help you create higher quality sites, faster.

Use Tugboat for Free

Our free tier will remain free for the foreseeable future. When we first launched the free plan, we weren’t sure how quickly we’d be able to scale (infrastructure and financials) to meet demand. We’re in a great place now, thanks to many of you, so we will continue to offer the free tier. We did, however, lower the disk space on the free tier from 3GB to 2GB to accommodate for the rest of the changes below. If you are currently on the free plan, you will continue to have 3GB of space. Thank you for your early support!

Base Previews for All Plans

Every plan now has Base Previews enabled. Tugboat takes a snapshot of a Preview which you can use as a starting point in building new Previews. It’s an incredibly fast way to skip building all the identical things over and over again.

By enabling Base Previews, every plan benefits from faster builds times and reduced disk space. We’re very excited about this update. Further, all plans are now able to clone Previews. And your duplicate Preview is immediately available. There is no wait.

Our $9 Nano Plan

If you need additional disk space above what the free plan offers, we now have a $9/month plan. The Nano plan comes with 5GB of disk space, 3 GB more than the free plan. And since every plan ships with Base Previews now, that gives most of you enough space to have a small number of Previews running concurrently.

Updated Enterprise Plans

Need to run Tugboat behind your firewall or need VPN support and dedicated infrastructure? Check out our Enterprise Plans. We increased storage and memory for those tiers and left the price the same. Each plan supports multiple projects across multiple repositories, making it a very cost-effective way to roll out self-service staging infrastructure to your entire organization. Pricing starts at just $499 for 200GB of storage, and you can create a free account now which later can be promoted to an Enterprise Plan.

Sign Up

If you haven’t yet created a free account on Tugboat, now’s the time to do so. If you already have an account and would like to adjust your plan level, go to the Project Settings page to make these changes.

Thanks again for all your support. Please stop by our Slack channel and say hello should you need any assistance or want to share a pirate joke.