We have two new features in production as of this week.

Improved Visual Regression Testing

Visual Regression Testing

Tugboat can generate visual regression screenshots from any Preview that uses a Base Preview as a starting point. Remember that Base Previews are generally used to emulate the current state of your production site and can automatically be rebuilt nightly in Tugboat via the settings page.

Under the hood, we now use Headless Chrome to produce screenshots which improve the accuracy of browser renderings. But what’s better is you can now activate and define the paths to test visual regression from within your Tugboat config file. This gives developers control to trigger screenshots and visual diffs for any URL on any commit.

      # Create a visualdiff of the home page using the default options
      - /

      # Create a visualdiff of /blog, but override the default timeout option
      - url: /blog
        timeout: 10

      # Create a visualdiff of /about, but override the default waitUntil option
      - url: /about
        waitUntil: domcontentloaded

As you can see from the above sample config file, visual diffs are connected to Tugboat at the service level. You can also generate visual diffs from our command-line tool or our API. Interested in learning more? Head on over to the documentation for the details.

Email Capture UI

Email Capture UI

Found on every Preview landing page is our new UI for displaying email sent from your Preview environments. While Previews are blocked from sending and receiving email publicly, sometimes you need to be able to track and see what email messages will look like in our test environments. Perhaps you’re formatting the response to a web form?

While you’ve always been able to test email in Tugboat, reviewing email could only be done from the command line. We’ve now launched a UI that lets you see in real time mail messages generated for a given preview. And new email shows up without needing to refresh the page manually. Clicking into an email will let you also view the full email headers along with the complete message.

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