It’s been about a week since Tugboat’s principal engineer Ben Chavet, passed away from Covid pneumonia. Wrapping our heads around the loss of our soft-spoken, brilliant, and eager-to-help friend and colleague is next to impossible. So, we reflect.

Ben took a series of scripts from 2012 and engineered it into the fast and flexible platform Tugboat is today. His friendly voice and desire to help out was always present, and he was always ready to lend a hand. Many of you likely interacted with Ben via our Slack support channel and can attest to his kindness and desire to share and empower others. Ben also wasn’t without a sense of humor. He’s the reason you’ll come across a “Tub Goat” easter egg on the site or as ASCII art within the CLI.

We miss our beloved friend and coworker dearly. We rested this week. We grieved, we shared stories, and we strove to support each other and Ben’s family during this hardship. We continue to move forward now, with Ben’s spirit by our side. It’s what he would have wanted as well.

Thank you for standing with us and with Ben’s family. Your cards and stories, and financial support for the family continue to be a source of strength in these difficult times.

We love you, Ben.

—Your Tugboat Team.