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  • Introducing: Tugboat Live Previews for Drupal Core

    The Drupal community unites more than a million open source developers, designers, and contributors worldwide. Because Drupal is a huge part of Tugboat’s beginnings, we’re excited to announce that now Tugboat will generate deployment previews for Drupal Core development.

  • Announcing: Pricing and Feature Updates for Tugboat

    The Tugboat team has been hard at work adding features to our deploy preview platform, and trying to make it easier for you to select the pricing plan that works best for your needs. Today, we’re announcing an update to our pricing tiers and features to make that process easier.

  • The Risky Business of Hosting and the WebDev Agency

    Can you imagine a home builder building a house, but being forced to use the would-be home owner’s tools? I can picture the builder up in the rafters with that cute little Ikea hammer, trying to pound in a sixteen-penny nail. 20 minutes later, they proudly grin and flip you a thumb’s up.

  • Multisite with Tugboat

    So you’ve got a multisite platform in Drupal, WordPress, or another CMS? And you want to use Tugboat? Great news—Tugboat has support for that!

  • Deploy Preview Benefits for DevOps and IT Teams

    It’s easy to see how development teams benefit from deploy previews, but may seem less obvious how these ephemeral environments bring benefits to DevOps and IT roles across an organization. In this article in our git pull request builder series, savvy CTOs and DevOps teams share how they use deploy previews to reduce server infrastructure costs and maintenance overhead and validate DevOps processes to deploy code faster, with fewer disruptions.

  • Get Automated Accessibility Testing for Every Deploy Preview

    In today’s world, web development agencies and internal development teams must incorporate accessibility and SEO testing and best practices into their workflows as a regular part of the development process.

  • Deploy Preview Benefits for UI and UX Designers

    At first glance, deploy previews or git pull request environments sound like technical tools that only benefit development and engineering teams. In reality, though, these tools are fantastic for UI and UX designers. They enable tighter collaboration with engineering, earlier and easier usability testing, and a great way to share work with stakeholders. Find out why deploy previews should be a tool in every design team’s toolbox.

  • Deploy Preview Benefits for Project and Product Managers

    Git pull request builders provide valuable benefits across broad swaths of web development organizations. One way to explore the benefits that these deploy preview tools provide is by looking at how they enable different roles within a software development organization to get work done faster and better, and collaborate more effectively. In today’s article, we’ll look at how deploy previews improve the software development lifecycle (SDLC) for project and product managers.