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  • Feature Rollout: Repository-Level User Permissions!

    We’re thrilled to announce that repository-level user permissions have shipped! Now different users can have different levels of access on a per-repo basis. That means no more needing to have multiple Tugboat projects to manage user access. With repo-level perms, organizations can handle all the repositories of their org from a single Tugboat project, all on a single Tugboat plan. And to top it off, you can still mix and match repos from any Git provider.

  • In Loving Memory of Ben Chavet

    It’s been about a week since Tugboat’s principal engineer Ben Chavet, passed away from Covid pneumonia. Wrapping our heads around the loss of our soft-spoken, brilliant, and eager-to-help friend and colleague is next to impossible. So, we reflect.

  • FedRAMP Tugboat from BlackMesh

    We are excited to partner with Contegix to offer Tugboat on their FedRAMP-authorized PaaS.

  • Drupal Contrib: It’s Happening!

    Achievement Unlocked: End-to-end Drupal contribution lifecycle from the browser!

  • What the heck is Tugboat CPU, and why do I want more of it?

    You may have noticed a row on our Pricing page entitled CPU. Like this:

  • Minimize Reinvention, Minimize Rework.

    If you think you can’t afford to implement a high-quality software development process, think again.

  • Allow Us to (Re)introduce Ourselves: Tugboat's Slack Community

    We’re not just a Support channel anymore! Today, we’re excited to officially (re)launch Tugboat’s Slack Community!

  • 10 Tips for Writing Your Tugboat YAML Config

    The primary reason we don’t take the time to set up automated review environments in our development workflow is that the process of getting to automation is front-loaded and hard. It requires you to sit down and codify every decision and failsafe necessary to deploy your infrastructure. However, the benefit of doing this work is developers can now use infrastructure like they use code, and they can spin up what they need when they need it.