April 23, 2020

Announcing: Tugboat's New Logo!

Dachary Carey

Have you seen Tugboat’s new logo yet? By the time you read this, it might already be out in the wild - including right here on Tugboat’s home page.

Why a new logo for Tugboat?

We love Tugboat’s nautical theme. You’ll find “ahoys” and nautical references throughout our communications, from email to articles and even in our documentation site. These little details capture the playfulness we enjoy and value here within the Tugboat team. Our outgoing logo, the little tugboat that could, is adorable and has filled us with warm happy vibes over the years.

Tugboat’s outgoing logo

While we’ll strive to retain that playfulness and honor our roots as a developer-created, developer-focused product, Tugboat the organization is maturing. We’re continuing to refine and focus our message to help organizations recognize the value that Tugboat provides. We’ll remain a product created by developers for developers, but our story is shifting to focus on how we can benefit an entire organization. With that in mind, it became clear that it was time for our logo to move more toward a brand that represents professionalism, speed, and reliability.

Meet Tugboat’s new logo

After a few different iterations and a lot of refinement, we’re so excited and proud to present Tugboat’s new logo.

Tugboat’s new logo

Our new logo takes a step into the future, saying farewell to the playful but literal representation of a tugboat that was our outgoing logo, and instead more abstractly capturing the benefit that Tugboat brings to an organization: iterating to get to approval faster.

You can expect to start seeing our logo roll out over the coming days and weeks to sites around the web; starting here on our home page, but rolling out soon to Twitter, LinkedIn, our documentation sites, and across our app. While we’ll miss our little tugboat, we hope you’ll join us in equating this new checkmark logo with iterating toward success with Tugboat.

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