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  • Remove Code Review Bottlenecks with Tugboat Previews

    Software peer reviews are designed to detect and correct issues early in the development process, saving organizations time and money. Whether the peer review is focused on bug fixes, performant code, requirement validation, or software quality assurance, there’s one common pain point with this practice: code reviews become a bottleneck in the software development process.

  • Why and How to Use Tugboat's Visual Diffs in Your Workflow

    When we released Visual Diffs, it was a big feature that made a small splash. Then we quietly added the ability to define Visual Diff paths in the config.yml file into a small release. It’s time to give Visual Diffs a little of the fanfare they deserve, as this Tugboat feature drives a big proportion of value for code testing and acceptance.

  • New Docs for Tugboat

    How do you make technology easier for developers to adopt? Give it good docs! Dive into the evolution of Tugboat’s new documentation site.

  • New Statistics Views for Tugboat

    No, you’re not imagining it - the statistics in your Tugboat dashboard look better, and display more data, too!

  • Developing Tugboat's New REST API

    Ahoy, fellow developers! We’re excited to tell you about Tugboat’s latest development effort: our new REST API!

  • What's New: Tugboat Release Updates.

    We have two new features in production as of this week.

  • What's New: Tugboat Release Updates.

    Over the last couple of months, we’ve expanded our infrastructure, updated the CLI, and squished many bugs. Here are the features we added along the way:

  • Goodbye, Makefiles. Hello, YAML

    Just a reminder that Tugboat’s our legacy Makefile support ended on October 31, 2018. If you have not already migrated your Tugboat Repositories to the new YAML config file, please see our current YAML documentation to help get you started.