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  • Free Drupal Builds for your Pull Requests

    As many of you know, Tugboat is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lullabot. And Tugboat was built to empower stakeholders on client projects to see development work as it was ready for review without having the overhead of needing to get a local environment up and running, and up to date.

  • Look Ma! We Made it!

    We are delighted to be one of five companies featured on Gartner’s Cool Vendor list for DevOps list! Tugboat helps customers build higher quality websites, faster, using cutting-edge DevOps. Specifically, we simplify the testing of web applications by automatically generating a clone of the production environment when new code merged in and ready for review. Tugboat stands up a new QA environment when new features are ready for review.

  • Switching from OAuth to Deploy Keys

    A few weeks ago we announced our plans to switch from OAuth tokens to Deploy Keys or Access Keys for greater security. Our goal is to prevent OAuth tokens from ever touching a Tugboat service. We are deploying this change on Friday, May 18, 2018.