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Automated Testing
Without Limits

Self-service ephemeral infrastructure

Visual Regression testing

Lighthouse integration

GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, & Git

Shell access, CLI, API

Email & Log capture

Premium features with flexible pricing.

Visual Diffs

Many users aren’t familiar with Visual Diffs - visual regression testing in Tugboat - because it’s only available for the Plus and Premium plans.

And yet, it’s one of Tugboat’s most powerful tools. Visual Diffs will help you compare screenshots of a webpage in a pull or merge request against the same page in the branch used for your production site. And to increase developer velocity, you can define thresholds so Previews will pass or fail depending on how similar they are.

SEO & Accessibility Testing

Every code branch automatically has its own custom, isolated environment with Tugboat. Developers can mix-and-match any combination of service versions or branches on-the-fly to create their environment, without reconfiguring the application.

Get rapid review environments for your team, at a low, fixed cost